Winter Kingdom

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45-60 min
Rekommenderad ålder
Number of players
2 - 4


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DesignerDonald X. Vaccarino
SpeltypBoard Game
Speltid45-60 min
UtgivareQueen Games
Rekommenderad ålder14+
Number of players2 - 4


Each player expands their kingdom by placing houses and forts on different terrains, each turn increasing their reach and taking control of important hex spaces. On a turn the player must build three houses on the terrain shown on their Terrain Card, which will depict one of the six terrains on which players can build: Fell field, Tundra, Flower field, Grassland, Snowscape, and Forest. 

Whenever possible, houses must be built adjacent to other houses, although if this is not possible they may choose any space of that terrain type on the map. 

A Fort may be placed at any time instead of a house. These count as two houses on one hex, which can earn more coins or victory points, but they cannot be moved by an ability. Each player has only four forts to build, so they they must be placed wisely. 

Each house placement is important, since players can earn victory points or coins for building on certain hexes. Each game, three Winter Kingdom cards determine on which spaces players earn victory points by placing houses or forts on them. These scoring rules are used for all players, so there will be competition for these important spaces. With a total of 18 available Winter Kingdom cards, there are 816 COMBINATIONS!

—description from publisher