"The Zombie Apocalypse has not improved the neighborhood. Before, you occasionally saw a drunkard howling insanities in the street. Now, each time you go for a walk, you are sure to cross hordes of grumpy, infected, maniacal neighbors. Your new angry neighbors are zombies, yes! On the plus side, you can greet them with a crossbow or a flaming nailbat. Is not life great?"

Angry Neighbors is an expansion for the 
Zombicide boardgame. Go for a hell of a tour in the neighborhood with 4 brand new Survivors, their Zombivor counterparts, and 8 Companion sidekicks! 15 missions (5 for each core game) are featured as well for hours of fun, using 3 new game tiles filled with holes in the floor and funny new places to explore. Arm your team with new Equipment cards (Crossbow! Winchester! Zomb’ Knuckles!) to chase the fast and unpredictable zombie Seekers. Enjoy the (angry) neighborhood!

(Kuvaus: Guillotine Games)

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JulkaisijaGuillotine Games
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