The existence of the X-Files teeters on the brink of oblivion, and along with it the world as we know it. Through the schemer known as the Cigarette Smoking Man, the nefarious Syndicate moves to shut down this unique FBI division, which poses the biggest threat to exposing its global conspiracy. As a special agent, you are tasked with crisscrossing the United States in a race against the clock, investigating cases of unexplained phenomenon. To save the X-Files, collect enough evidence to close these cases and uncover the Syndicate’s secrets along the way. But beware, our enemies will present us with numerous obstacles and seek to destroy important evidence at every turn.

Trust no one...

In X-Files: the Board Game, 1 player takes on the role of one of the Syndicate’s key agents, the Cigarette Smoking Man, and tries to conceal evidence of extraterrestrial visits to Earth, while 1-4 other players become Mulder, Scully, and the rest of the X-Files team trying to uncover evidence before the Syndicate can bury it forever.

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PelityyppiBoard Game
SuunnittelijaKevin Wilson
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