Ultimate Guard Undercover Sleeves Precise Fit (100pcs, same as Perfect Size)

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Ultimate Guard
Card Sleeve
Standard Sleeve (MtG, Pokemon)


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ValmistajaUltimate Guard
TuoteCard Sleeve
KokoStandard Sleeve (MtG, Pokemon)


Precise-fit inner sleeves with extra clear front and smokey back side for opaque and tournament-legal double-sleeving of standard-sized cards. Ideal for double-sleeving with all translucent outer sleeves of any brand. 100 sleeves per pack.

Shaded backside
Stops card backs from being recognizable when using translucent outer sleeves for double-sleeving 
Additional protection
Interior card sleeves. Fit perfectly into Ultimate Guard sleeves for maximum “sleeve in sleeve” protection
Acid free, no PVC
This product is completely free of PVC and acidic materials and therefore ideal for collectible cards 
Consistent sizing
Reliable size consistency from sleeve to sleeve and from pack to pack
For tournament play
Optimized for tournament play. Non glare / non reflective surface on both sides for professional gameplay 
Extra clear polypropylene
Made of high-quality polypropylene, the industry standard for clearness and usability of card sleeves