Protects and stores game cards of Dixit™ among many other games, e.g. Planet Steam™, Flash Point: Fire Rescue™, Fleet™ 90 sleeves per pack.

Optimized thickness
Sleeve thickness optimized for gameplay

High clearness
The high clearness of the material ensures a genuine image quality with unaltered contrast and colors.

Extra clear polypropylene
Made of high-quality polypropylene, the industry standard for clearness and usability of card sleeves.

Acid free - No PVC
This product is completely free of PVC and acidic materials and therefore ideal for collectible cards.

Ideal fitting and size
Optimal fitted sleeves for a safe handling and a great playability of your cards.

Archival safe
Keeps your cards safe and preserves the value of your collection during permanent storage.

(Kuvaus: Ultimate Guard)

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