Ultimate Guard Deck Box, 6 Compartment, Stack n Safe Card Box (480 Cards)

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Ultimate Guard


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ValmistajaUltimate Guard


High quality stackable card box, made of clear polystyrene. Holds up to 480 standard-sized cards (e.g. Magic the Gathering™, Pokemon™ and others ) in sleeves.

Holds up to 480 cards in sleeves
Massive storage space for your cards with just one box! Great for having a large selection of cards while traveling or at tournaments.

Six compartments of equal size
Designed to hold up to 6 decks of 80 cards in sleeves. Great for Magic the Gathering™ players to have a separate compartment for each mana color (and a spare one).

Three removable dividers
Customize your Stack'n'Safe Card Box 480! Remove any of these dividers to turn two compartments into a large one.

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