The Summoner Wars Alliances Master Set is the ultimate Summoner Wars experience. Containing eight new faction decks, all playable right out of the box, a neoprene battlefield, wound markers and dice needed for play, and a storage solution that keeps your whole Summoner Wars collection together and organized, Summoner Wars: Alliances is the new high water mark in the Summoner Wars game world.

In the Summoner Wars Alliances Master Set, the 16 original Summoner Wars factions have teamed up, creating 8 Alliances factions, all featured in one box. With a wealth of creative abilities and novel strategies built on top of one of the board game world's most acclaimed game systems, Summoner Wars: Alliances offers endless fun competition and epic battles.

The box is large enough to fit a complete, sleeved Summoner Wars collection and comes with deck dividers to keep your collection organized. The two-piece neoprene mat is the ideal playing surface.

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