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Who will defend the king?

In this surprising and fast-paced game you never know when your king is threatened by a rook, bishop or even the queen! New amazing version of chess that inspires to play it again and again. Do you have the courage to the defeat the king?

Shakkis is easy to learn and play and no earlier experience with chess is required.

hinta: 29,95 €

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Hinta (verollinen)29,95 €
Hinta (veroton)24,15 €
Vero5,80 €
SaatavuusEi saatavilla
Toimituskulut (arvio)Ei tiedossa
PelityyppiBoard Game
SuunnittelijaSami Styrman
KieliSuomi / English
Pelaajat - maksimi2
Pelaajat - minimi2
Peliaika30 min
JulkaisijaSamsa Games