Puerto Rico's golden age returns... with your help!

Players thoughtfully develop the capital city of this beautiful island. Which roles will you choose? Which buildings will you consruct? Palaces or cathedrals, silver smelters or gold mines, libraries or banks - each building has its own special features. Only the cleverest player will win the game.

An extraordinary card game with a wide variety of playing options for long-term fun.

The second edition includes all the cards from the original game, as well as additional building cards.

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Hinta (verollinen)37,95 €
Hinta (veroton)30,60 €
Vero7,35 €
SaatavuusEi saatavilla
SuunnittelijaAndreas Seyfarth
PelityyppiBoard Game
PelimekaniikkaCollecting Sets
Pelaajat - maksimi4
Pelaajat - minimi2
Peliaika45 min
TeemaBuilding and Developing