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Ever wanted to be a reality TV competitor? Now's your chance in Room 25, a semi-cooperative board game for one to six players. A new reality show imprisons contestants in a set filled with as many deadly traps as cameras. Any characters that escape from the Complex win, but the Entertainment Ministry and its sadistic guards will stop at nothing to keep ratings high. A modular board composed of 25 different rooms ensures that you'll never know what's through the next door in this cruel maze: perhaps a prison cell or an acid bath, perhaps a control chamber or the way to freedom and fame. Room 25 offers five different game modes varying from fully cooperative to ruthlessly competitive play, and an assortment of stereotypical reality TV characters to suit even the most ambitious and cunning competitors. Prepare to entertain millions of viewers, and maybe even make it out of the Complex alive!

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Hinta (verollinen)26,95 €
Hinta (veroton)21,73 €
Vero5,22 €
SaatavuusVarastossa (2kpl)
Toimituskulut (arvio)Ei tiedossa
SuunnittelijaFrançois Rouzé
PelityyppiBoard Game
Pelaajat - maksimi6
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Peliaika30 min