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The adventure is based on the real events that took place between 1831 and 1836, which led to the creation of the Theory of Evolution. During this very expedition, Charles Darwin laid the foundations for one of the most breakthrough scientific papers in the history of mankind– the paper on the Origin of Species.

Players take on the roles of members of the crew of HMS Beagle with Darwin, at the start of a great adventure. In the following scenarios, they will have to challenge adversity and support the young scientist in his research. With five new scenarios, you are ready to dive into new adventures!

*You need to own a copy of the Base game: Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island in order to play this game.



    • 1 custom die
    • 3 Islet tokens
    • 1 Ship board
    • 1 Darwin’s cabin board
    • 1 campaign book
    • 1 wooden Ship pawn
    • 1 wooden Darwin pawn
    • 6 Ship location tiles
    • more than 50 tokens
    • 55 cards
    • rulebook

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