It is the dawn of the 20th century and North Pole, one of the final frontiers, is yet to be conquered by man. The adventure begins as the expeditions arrive on the frozen shores of the Arctic. 

Race to the North Pole is an incredible board game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Players move their pawns in a unique rotating gameboard - every time when a storm hits the Arctic the game board rotates and players have to adjust to the new situation. 

The game is effortless to learn with a comic book inspired rulebook. You can also use a smart device along with the game for additional mechanics and content. 


1 Gameboard (3 parts)
1 Axle (2 parts)
18 Window Tiles
North Pole Discs
4 Ships
1 Scoreboard
7 Teamboards
16 Pawns
110 Action Cards (size 42x63mm)
32 Equipment and Hazard discs
2 Manuals (Finnish & English)
1 Quick Guide
1 Sticker Sheet
2 Zip lock bags

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SaatavuusVarastossa (3kpl)
SuunnittelijaJouni Jussila, Tomi Vainikka
PelityyppiBoard Game
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Peliaika45 min
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