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Make your mark on Equestrian history with Marks in Time, the seventh full set in the My Little Pony™ Collectible Card Game, where players get to relive the great moments throughout the My Little Pony timeline. In this all-new set, players confront Dilemmas, play with (or against) the powerful villain Starlight Glimmer, build their strategy around their favorite Cutie Mark Crusader, and much more!

There are no theme decks in the Marks in Time Expansion Set. Instead, we are replacing theme decks with a fun new product. Players can now experience the excitement of draft play in MLP: CCG with Make Your Mark Pack Drafters!

Each Make Your Mark Pack Drafter includes 4 booster packs (two Marks in Time and two packs randomly selected from fan-favorites Equestrian Odysseys and High Magic). And for the first time ever, players can get Mane Character cards of the featured Cutie Mark Crusaders, who are some of the most requested Mane Character Cards since the beginning of the game!

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