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Ten different animals from the planet "Kuhpiter" have landed on Earth – but the muddleheaded cow Mucca Pazza has pushed the wrong button on the teleporter, mixing up the heads, bodies and legs of all the animals and creating strange species like the Frodrankey and Hocadog. The players – in the role of recombinant DNA specialists perhaps – now need to shift the body parts to recreate the correct and complete original animals.

In Mucca Pazza (Italian for "crazy cow"), the head, body and legs of ten animals are shuffled, then placed on the three sliding rails of the game board. Ten animal chits are placed at random at the top of the game board. On a turn, a player has up to three sliding steps to recreate a particular animal; if he does, he claims any matching chits above the game board, then more chits are drawn so that ten are always available. These chits are worth one point each, and whoever scores the most points wins.

For younger players, you can use only half the game board, which holds parts for five animals. With this smaller board, a player can reassemble any animal with at most three sliding steps – but don't tell them that! Let the kiddos figure it out for themselves...

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PelimekaniikkaPattern Recognition
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