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Rise to Royalty is the 10th Trial Deck and 1st Mega Trial Deck released only in English format. It's an equivalent version of DAIGO Special Set.


  • A constructed deck built of 50 cards.
  • The deck includes 1 RR and 2 R cards.
  • Includes beginner's guide, playbook and playmat.
  • Includes a Deck Case, a Storage Box and Sleeves (x53).
  • Featuring the cards that are used by Daigo in theSeason 3 of the anime.


Card List

MT01/001ENSanctuary Guard Dragon3Royal Paladin 1
MT01/002ENDignified Silver Dragon3Royal Paladin 2
MT01/003ENKnight of Conviction, Bors3Royal Paladin 4
MT01/004ENKnight of Determination, Lamorak2Royal Paladin 4
MT01/005ENKnight of Silence, Gallatin2Royal Paladin 4
MT01/006ENBattle Flag Knight, Constance2Royal Paladin 1
MT01/007ENPathetic Jewel Knight, Olwen2Royal Paladin 1
MT01/008ENKnight of Truth, Gordon2Royal Paladin 2
MT01/009ENLittle Sage, Marron1Royal Paladin 4
MT01/010ENRegret Jewel Knight, Urien1Royal Paladin 4
MT01/011ENRendgal1Royal Paladin 4
MT01/012ENRainbow-calling Bard1Royal Paladin 2
MT01/013ENStarting Legend, Ambrosius0Royal Paladin 1
MT01/014ENBringer of Good Luck, Epona0Royal PaladinCritical4
MT01/015ENWeapons Dealer, Govannon0Royal PaladinDraw4
MT01/016ENFlogal0Royal PaladinStand4
MT01/017ENYggdrasil Maiden, Elaine0Royal PaladinHeal4


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