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Created by fans of Mega Man and the publisher of the Universal Fighting System CCG, the board game is Jasco Games’ love letter to one of the best video game characters of all time. Players will assume the role of the Blue Bomber fighting against iconic Robot Masters, gaining powers, and eventually facing off against Dr. Wily himself. But be careful, as other players will do everything they can to slow down your progress by taking control of Dr. Wily’s minions!


  • 1x Rulebook
  • 6x Mega Man Game Pieces
  • 1x Bomb Man Game Piece
  • 1x Cut Man Game Piece
  • 1x Elec Man Game Piece
  • 1x Fire Man Game Piece
  • 1x Guts Man Game Piece
  • 1x Ice Man Game Piece
  • 1x Dr. Wily Game Piece
  • 1x Dr. Wily Board
  • 1x Bomb Man Board
  • 1x Cut Man Board
  • 1x Elec Man Board
  • 1x Fire Man Board
  • 1x Guts Man Board
  • 1x Ice Man Board
  • 6x Pre-Constructed Game Decks
  • 12x Game Dice
  • 48x Minion Tokens
  • 92x Challenge Cards
  • 6x Health Spinners
  • 6x Mega Man Player Cards
  • 36x Robot Masters Cards
  • 1x Dr. Wily Boss Card
  • 24x Weapon Energy Cubes
  • 24x Life Tokens

Description: Jasco Games

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Hinta (verollinen)84,95 €
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Vero16,44 €
SaatavuusVarastossa (1kpl)
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SuunnittelijaMatt Whitaker
PelityyppiBoard Game
Pelaajat - maksimi6
Pelaajat - minimi2
Peliaika60 min
JulkaisijaJasco Games
TeemaVideo Game