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MANIA! includes several different games, which can be played either separately as a single game, or why not even all of them in the order presented below. The games are quick to play and easy to learn.

Party game, warm up or marathon

MANIA! is well suited for a warm up-game to start a gaming night, to get everyone on a party mood or to lift the spirit between longer gaming sessions. MANIA! is fun for the whole evening for casual party players and for serious strategists as well.

Game includes

220 cards
rulebook (in English and in Finnish)

Steal the stacks of cards from your friends using the special attributes on the cards. The stacks grow larger as the game advances and the player with the largest loot wins.

Construct six buildings and burn down the other players' houses before they reach the goal. Red and yellow cards represent fire, blue cards extinguishing and green cards buildings.

Help the male characters conquer the only female in the game. The player with the finest catch wins. It's the time for pickup-lines from the heavens or to sabotage the chances of other men.

Manipulate the stock value of the character's companies and buy the best shares for yourself. The stock market can surprise you and the share value of an unwary player can crash.

A classic with a manic twist. This game is suitable for all players, regardless of age or gaming experience.

Chart the grid made of the cards. The best areas go to the player with the most tactical play, but the player with the most valuable treasure will finish strong.

Get rid of your hand as soon as possible. In this game, you will be able to play multiple cards in a row, but be careful not to trap yourself.

MANIA! is the sum of many small games. The same cards work as the basis for a variety of games. MANIA! is suitable for both party players and for those who have been gaming for longer. These fast-paced and easy games have been sharply seasoned with special cards and humor.

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