Mage Wars: Arena Battlegrounds Domination

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SuunnittelijaBryan Pope
PelityyppiBoard Game Expansion
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JulkaisijaArcane Wonders


Build the Arena of your dreams and battle against enemies for control of the V’Tar orbs with an all new rule set for the award winning Mage Wars Arena®! Battlegrounds Domination is an entirely new set of expansions for Mage Wars Arena® that introduce both new rules to play by and also incorporates the use of custom puzzle-cut tiles for players to build their own Arena boards to play on! And yes, as you can see, there are images on the tiles that are accompanied by optional rules that introduce terrain effects as well!

The first Battlegrounds expansion, Domination, introduces Domination Mode, where players will vie for control of powerful V’Tar orbs that grant new powers and offer a new option to win, by gaining points through maintaining control of these powerful devices. Additionally, there are 20 customized tiles for players to use in creating their own, or suggested, Arenas to play in. Finally, there are also 116 cards including new spells for use in traditional Mage Wars Arena® play and the new Domination mode, introduced in this expansions’ rules. As an added bonus, Battlegrounds Domination will introduce two new promo cards, available only in the first printing of the set: The Ankh of Asyra and Blur!
Set Includes:

  • 20 Customized Tiles
  • 116 cards
  • 1 Rulebook with Domination Rules
  • 9 Orbs
  • 13 Condition Markers
  • 2 Spiked Pit Traps
  • 2 Secret Passages
  • 1 Taunt
  • 6 Guard Markers
  • 23 V'Tar Tokens
  • 24 Control Markers
  • First Printing includes 1 copy each of the Ankh of Asyra and Blur promo cards

*Requires Mage Wars Core Set to play

(Kuvaus: Arcane Wonders)