The set contains a lot of the latest cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXALanime.

A ton of new Xyz Monsters are inside, allowing you to completely change how to fight. Get ready to be able to enjoy an exciting Duel.

Includes cards used by Yuma TsukumoKite TenjoNumber 96Trey,QuintonVectorAbyssEliphas and Nasch. The TCG version also includes cards used by Yusei FudoAkiza Izinski and Eviluder.

It introduces the "Sylvan" and "Gorgonicarchetypes to theOCG/TCG. Contains more members and support for the "Bujin", "Chronomaly", "Dododo", "Gagaga", "Gogogo", "Ghostrick", "Gravekeeper's", "Monarch", "Number", "Forest", "Rank-Up-Magic", "Plant Princess" and "Zubaba" archetypes and series. The OCG version also contains more members and support for the "Heraldic Beast" archetype. The TCG version contains more members and support for the "Noble Knight" and "Rose" archetypes.

In the TCG there are 9 cards per pack, 24 booster packs per box and 12 display boxes per case. The set contains 100 cards or 106 in the Master Set. This comprises:

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