Isle of Skye: Journeyman Expansion (PREORDER)

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29,95 €

Julkaisupäivä: Kesä 2019

75 min
Number of players
2 - 5


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SaatavuusJulkaisupäivä: Kesä 2019
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PelimekaniikkaTile Placement
PelityyppiBoard Game Expansion
PelityyppiBoard Game Expansion
Peliaika75 min
Number of players2 - 5


Becoming a king is hard, but being a king is even harder. You need warriors to protect your kingdom, merchants to keep your treasury liquid and heralds which proclaim your popularity across the kingdom. Luckily, your best mate has agreed to take over the hard graft so that you concentrate becoming a glory chieftain.

Isle of Skye: Journeyman, the first major expansion for Isle of Skye, contains new personal player boards indicating your progress in terms of strength, prosperity and popularity. As each progress step has requirements to be met, the personal player boards affect tile selling and placement. However, in order to claim the next level of development and gain potential rewards, it’s not sufficient to place the corresponding tiles only. A new pawn (the journeyman) needs to travel the kingdom and "activate" the tiles. In addition, four new scoring tiles are contained respecting the new challenges of Isle of Skye: Journeyman.


  • 4 New Scoring Tiles
  • 8 New Landscape Tiles
  • 7 "1 Gold" Coins
  • 15 Roads
  • 5 "50/100 VP" Markers
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 5 Progress Boards
  • 30 Markers
  • 45 Bonus Tiles
  • 5 Journeyman Pawns

You should have a copy of Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King to play!