Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit: Boros

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Magic: the Gathering
Wizards of the Coast
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PeliMagic: the Gathering
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Magic Guild Kits let Ravnica fans show their love for their favorite guild. Drawing on cards and mechanics from each of Magic 's Three Visits to Ravnica, these decks will delight both devoted guild members and Magic lore enthusiasts.

Each kit contains a 60-card deck, a guild deck box, 5 double-sided tokens, a guild-themed insert, and a sticker, pin, and spindown life counter, each emblazoned with the guild's insignia.

Each deck contains an alternate-art version of a legendary guild leader, as well as a special guild-themed set of basic lands.

This Guild Kit features the Boros Legion, who zealously defend law and order with cards like Aurelia the Warleader, Legion Loyalist, and Lightning Helix.

Creature (25)Sorcery (3)
Boros ReckonerBrightflame
Aurelia, the WarleaderGird for Battle
Legion LoyalistSworn Companions
Swiftblade VindicatorInstant (4)
Legion WarbossMaster Warcraft
Firemane AvengerBoros Charm
Spark TrooperLightning Helix
Agrus Kos, Wojek VeteranMartial Glory
Light of the LegionArtifact (3)
Firemane AngelBoros Signet
Razia, Boros ArchangelBoros Keyrune
Frenzied GoblinLand (25)
Boros EliteBoros Garrison
Bomber CorpsBoros Guildgate
Daring SkyjekSunhome, Fortress of the Legion
Sunhome StalwartMountain
Boros SwiftbladePlains
Sunhome Guildmage
Wojek Bodyguard 
Blade Instructor 
Skyknight Legionnaire 
Hammer Dropper