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GSW Neoprene Terrain Set: Trenches

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High quality 2D neoprene terrain tiles compatible with any roleplaying game. Provide your battles with the ultimate trench experience, complete with vivid detail and striking realism. The trench's floor print allows you to dileneate the gameplay area with two or three one-inch based figures standing side by side, having a width of 8 cm (3 inches).


Create different trench lines in each game by changing round the tiles. They can be combined with each other creating a trench line of up to 3 metres (118 inches), and once victory has been declared it can be packed away easily tile by tile, allowing for easy storage thanks to their small size.


Neoprene Modular Tiles


Printed using heavy-duty materials, the Neoprene Terrain Sets are fade and scratch resistant.


The tiles have a completely seamless matt finish on the printed image, which allows photographs to be taken of miniatures with virtually no fabric grain showing up in extreme close-up photographs, particularly useful for small-scale sizes.


The antislip rubber backing provides a firm grip on the table and creates a high level of friction, preventing miniatures from sliding when on an even surface and assuring their position on the battlefield.


The nature of neoprene means these tiles are very resilient yet flexible, completely resistant to wrinkles and creases.


This Terrain Set includes:


2x Dead-end trenches without stairs - 4x6" (10x15cm)

3x Dead-end trenches with stairs - 4x6" (10x15cm)

2x Trench lines with roof - 4x6" (10x15cm)

6x Trench lines - 4x6" (10x15cm)

3x Trench intersections - 4x4" (10x10cm)

4x Trench dugouts - 6x6" (15x15cm)

4x Trench intersections - 6x5" (15x12,5cm)