Battle for supremacy with VGE-G-BT03 [Sovereign Star Dragon]!!

Featuring new and powerful units for <<Shadow Paladin>>, <<Link Joker>>, <<Gold Paladin>>, <<Dark Irregulars>> , <<Murakumo>>, <<Kagero>> and <<Cray Elemental>>!!

Look forward to cards that will reinforce decks from the previous sets and power up the new VGE-G-LD01 [The Dark "Ren Suzugamori"] and VGE-G-TD05 [Fateful Star Messiah]!!

With the Vanguard G 6 Pack Campaign, players can get 1 Special PR pack containing 1 random card (Total 6 types) with a purchase of any 6 packs of English Edition “Cardfight!! Vanguard” packs at a time!!

Reign supreme with the might of the “Stride” mechanic!!

(Kuvaus: Bushiroad)

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