Stewie’s Sexy Party Game is a hilarious, fast-paced word game of questionable social value. The fun begins when the Host gives the Party Spinner a spin to choose the theme for the party.
Is Stewie hosting a sexy party? A gross party? An offensive party? 

Once the theme is decided, the Host draws a Party Card and then asks the other players for Word Cards to fill-in the blanks on the Party Card. Players want to choose Word Cards that best fit the theme of the party.
There’s always a new party to throw with 50 Party Cards and 432 Word Cards! 432, that’s a lot, like a million!

When all of the blanks on the Party Card have been filled, the Host reads the Party Card to the other Players and they decide if the story fits the theme. If the party agrees, the Host scores Martini Points.

Players can score too! Giggity! Match sets of Family Guy characters to turn in for Martini Points. Then let the spinner choose the new Host for the next round.
When the bar runs dry, the player with the most Martini Points is the winner!

Description: Gale Force Nine

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PelityyppiBoard Game
SuunnittelijaAaron Dill
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JulkaisijaGale Force Nine
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