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The Shadow of the Rift expansion introduces several new mechanisms to Eclipse, including Time Distortion, Evolution and Anomalies, and several new Rare Technologies, Developments, and Discoveries. It also offers two new player boards with three unique alien species to choose from. Due to the modular design of this expansion, you can choose to use all of these additions or just some of them to carefully craft and tailor any game of Eclipse according to your preferences and play style. What's more, although this expansion does not require the Rise of the Ancients expansion, you can combine them for the ultimate Eclipse experience.


  • Rules
  • Over 200 new tiles
  • Thirteen dice
  • Two double-sided player boards

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Hinta (verollinen)44,95 €
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SuunnittelijaTouko Tahkokallio
PelityyppiBoard Game
PelimekaniikkaArea Control
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Peliaika90 min