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Search for the healing power of the Tree of Life in the newest Hero and Monster Collection for Descent Second Edition! Like other Hero and Monster Collections, this expansion reintroduces heroes and monsters that were previously available only through the first edition of Descent. What’s more, each of these heroes and monsters features an updated figure sculpt and new artwork to match the aesthetic of the second edition.

You’ll find twenty-two detailed plastic figures are included in this expansion. Four new heroes join your adventures: Lyssa, Challara, Ronan of the Wild, and Vyrah the Falconer. Of course, the overlord also gains new monsters to oppose the heroes. With the addition of Bonds of the Wild, the overlord can command hordes of kobolds, Fiery Hellhounds, and cunning deep elves in battle. In addition, two brand-new quests are introduced in this expansion to chronicle your search for the healing branch: One Man’s Trash and Bonds of the Wild!

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