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The world has grown smaller. Civilizations around different continents have established independent free trade cities in order to ease trading between distant lands. One of those cities, Yengzuh, is now looking for a new ruler – a new Trade Master.
The post is only open every ten years and the selection of the said individual is no small task. It’s handled by holding a trading competition as it’s in everyone’s best interest to get the best merchant chosen for the job. All the participating merchants are prestigious, but the competition also tests their ability to deal with unexpected situations. After all, the winner will be responsible of keeping the global prices more fair and stable for years to come.

Dale of Merchants 2 can be played by itself or combines with the original Dale of Merchants for huge variety. Are you ready to meet the new cast of animalfolks? They offer a bunch of new unique techniques you can use to get an edge in the competition!

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Hinta (verollinen)18,95 €
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SuunnittelijaSami Laakso
PelityyppiBoard Game
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