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Pelin komponenteissa ei kielivaatimusta, englanninkieliset säännöt löydät täältä: http://zmangames.com/rulebooks/Carcassonne_Mini_Mage_And_Witch.pdf

In Carcassonne: The Flying Machines, a small expansion for Carcassonne, eight landscape tiles showing a pair of wings are mixed with the other tiles to be used in the game.

Whenever a player draws one of these tiles, he places it according to the normal rules. He then has the option of placing a follower on this tile as normal or of attempting to fly a new follower to a nearby tile. This meeple will travel in the direction determined by the wings' orientation; the distance (1-3 tiles) is determined by a die roll. If a tile exists in this location, he can place the meeple on any unfinishednon-field location, whether that feature is occupied or not; if no tile exists in this location or all the non-field features are complete, then the player places no meeple this turn. Crash!

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JulkaisijaBergsala Enigma
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