Battalia: The Creation - EN

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60 min
Number of players
2 - 4


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SuunnittelijaAlexandar Guerov
PelityyppiBoard Game
Peliaika60 min
JulkaisijaFantasmagoria Games
Number of players2 - 4


Battalia - the land of the Sun Oracle - the almighty ancient monument, at the same time a friend and foe, lord and servant, tool and masterpiece of the creation. Eternal Apprentice of the Nature itself and the hand of the gods among humans and beasts - sometimes the Oracle reveals your whole destiny, sometimes it just shows you the steep and winding path to it...

During the game The Sun Oracle creates advantages and it could support you, if you catch the lucky moment on a sunny day... It counts the days and guides you through the never-ending competition between the folks which inhabit these lands:

The Bärfolk, The Cloudborn, The Emberians and The Islanders. Four folks - four surges and their masters will compete in this game against each other for domination in Battalia. A leading concept in the game is that all four factions can freely collaborate with each other under one leadership, but many units from the same faction, using their own artefacts, are much stronger together. Also, unlike all other games where the players choose their factions, in this game the factions will probably choose the players.

In the Basic Game two to four players will combine and optimize the powers of the folks. They will search the right path to victory through building the strongest deck, constructing the most accommodating map, raising the mighty heroes at the proper time and creating a great nation through valuable acquisition, settlement and conquest...

Developing cities and road connections between them, creating useful artefacts and hiring battle units to support the armies - the players will have to find the most powerful mixture of all these assets and apply them at the right moment, so they could claim eventually to be the rightful rulers of Battalia and win this strategic game.