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The Leprechaun Pack debuted at Gen Con 2011! Similar to the Rat King, the Leprechaun pack has 12 cards – 3 Leprechauns, a lifebound hero that goes in the Center Deck, and 9 Pots of Gold, lifebound constructs that are be set off to the side in the “End of the Rainbow” zone. Recruit a Leprechaun to help you horde the gold, and get rewarded for getting as many Pots of Gold as you can! Leprechaun also lets players steal gold from other players, so keep on the lookout for other players taking advantage of the little folk to steal your gold!

Kuvaus: Gary Games

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JulkaisijaGary Games
SuunnittelijaJohn Fiorillo
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PelityyppiBoard Game Expansion