Arkham Horror LCG: To Fight the Black Wind

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Nate French
Arkham Horror LCG
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SuunnittelijaNate French
PeliArkham Horror LCG
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Journey to the mysterious Dreamlands in To Fight the Black Wind! This Arkham Horror novella by Jennifer Brozek invites readers for a visit to Arkham Sanatorium where psychologist Carolyn Fern is searching for the cause of a patient’s terrible nightmares that leave her both mentally and physically scarred. With detailed, full-color inserts of Dr. Fern's case notes, readers take on the role of investigator themselves to find a way to help the young patient before the terrors of her dreams infect the waking world. The mind is powerful tool, but knowledge is dangerous.

In addition to a hardcover copy of the novella, To Fight the Black Wind includes four exclusive cards to add Carolyn Fern as an investigator in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. These cards allow readers to build a deck for Carolyn Fern, complete with a signature asset and weakness, and mark her first appearance in the game. With these new implements to build your investigations in the Arkham Horror Files universe, you are prepared to defend your patient and discover what it takes To Fight the Black Wind!

Arkham Horror The Card Game: To Fight the Black Wind is both an expansion and a book. It brings a set of four cards to add Carolyn Fern to Arkham Horror.

Beyond the story, To Fight the Black Wind offers readers a further level of immersion with fifteen pages of full-color inserts, including Carolyn’s personal journal that she kept while investigating the case and several newspaper clippings that may provide the details she needs to understand Josephine’s case. Perhaps the key to understanding Josephine’s ailment and saving her life can be found within the lines of these pages.