Arena Gladiator League (FI/SE/EN/DE)

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Suomi / Svenska / English / Deutsche
30-60 min
Number of players
2 - 4


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Hinta (verollinen)37,95 €
Hinta (veroton)30,60 €
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SaatavuusEi saatavilla
Toimituskulut (arvio)Ei tiedossa
SuunnittelijaTuomas Anttonen
PelimekaniikkaCollecting Sets
PelityyppiBoard Game
KieliSuomi / Svenska / English / Deutsche
Peliaika30-60 min
JulkaisijaRUSH Games
Number of players2 - 4


The annual gladiator fights are about to start in the mystical town of Runerock. Creatures from the lands all around Runerock come together to celebrate, enjoy good food and drink and, above all, watch the exciting gladiator fights. Team managers must recruit the strongest fighters, the most skillful archers and the wisest spell-casters, because only one team can win the ultimate prize: the Runerock Championship.

Arena: Gladiator League is an easy to learn and fast-paced gladiator fighting game for two to four players. To win the game, players must build a gladiator team that’s as efficient as possible and win the championship of the Runerock gladiator league. In the game there are epic spells, legendary weapons and powerful fighters like Cretan Bull who are feared by all!

The game is based on Finnish computer game series called Areena.

—description from the publisher