A Game of Thrones The Card Game (LCG Core Set)

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Starting with the Brotherhood Without Banners cycle, expansion packs come in sets of 60 fixed cards - 3 copies of 20 unique cards.

Starting in November Fantasy Flight are going to reprint the King's Landing and Defenders of the North Packs to the new 60 card format.

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Chapter Pack Expansions:

  • A Clash of Arms

The War of the Five Kings
Ancient Enemies
Sacred Bonds
Epic Battles
Battle of Ruby Ford
Calling the Banners

  • A Time of Ravens

A Song of Summer
The Winds of Winter
A Change of Seasons
The Raven's Song
Refugees of War
Scattered Armies

  • King's Landing

City of Secrets
A Time of Trials
The Tower of the Hand
Tales from the Red Keep
Secrets and Spies
The Battle of Blackwater Bay

  • Defenders of the North

Wolves of the North
Beyond the Wall
A Sword in the Darkness
The Wildling Horde
A King in the North
Return of the Others

  • Brotherhood without Banners

Illyrio's Gift
Rituals of R'hllor
Mountains of the Moon
A Song of Silence
Of Snakes and Sand
Dreadfort Betrayal

  • Secrets of Oldtown

Gates of the Citadel
Forging the Chain
Called by the Conclave
The Isle of Ravens
Mask of the Archmaester
Here to Serve

  • A Tale of Champions

Tourney for the Hand
The Grand Melee
On Dangerous Grounds
Where Loyalty Lies
Trial by Combat
A Poisoned Spear

  • Beyond the Narrow Sea

Valar Morghulis
Valar Dohaeris
Chasing Dragons
A Harsh Mistress
The House of Black and White
A Roll of the Dice

  • A Song of the Sea

Reach of the Kraken
The Great Fleet
The Pirates of Lys
A Turn of the Tide
The Captain's Command
A Journey's End

  • Kingsroad

The Banners Gather
Fire and Ice
The Kingsguard
The Horn That Wakes
Forgotten Fellowship
A Hidden Agenda

Big Expansions: