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Do you work at a youth center or as a member of another service organization and would like to provide board games for your activities? We Reindeer here at Poromagia want to support our local communities like youth clubs, board game clubs, libraries, and the like! 

If you want to provide board games to your members as part of their activities, we offer a 10% discount for all community customers who purchase a minimum of 200 € of regularly priced products! (VAT 0). 

Contact info@poromagia.com to enquire about these discounts or other offers! 

We also partner with local organizations and communities to arrange board game days for corporate events and workplace fellowship activities. If you are a representative of such an organization or community and want your colleagues or employees to have the opportunity to discover the latest games and modern classics, please get in touch! 

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Happy gaming from all of us here in the Poromagia team!
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