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  • We want to find a new home for every board game that is not getting played. At the same time, recycling board games is an eco-act that eases the burden on nature. That's why we challenge you to join these board game recycling talks! 

We have started to develop a service for the sale and purchase of used board games. The service is still in its infancy and we are asking for the help of your board game players. Feedback and development suggestions are welcome and we hope that as many of you as possible will come to our service. So help us by going through your dusty board games in your closet and ask us for a credit quote. Credits are currency in Poromagia and Retromagia stores. One credit corresponds to one euro.

You can offer us any board games as long as they are playable and do not contain major flaws that hamper the game experience. 

Make an offer to us as follows:

  • List and describe your board game. Report any deficiencies (eg. missing game pieces or manual).
  • Email the list and photos to us at osto@poromagia.com
  • You will receive a credit offer for your games in response.

After accepting the offer, you can deliver the games to our store, or send them by post to Opastinsilta 8B, 00520, Helsinki. We will go the games through and add the store credits to your account. This will usually take a couple days.

During this emergency period, games brought by customers are placed in a separate area reserved for them for at least 24 hours before passing through, in order to minimize the risk of infection. There may be distribution problems for board games during these times, and we also want to improve the availability of certain games through recycling. 

At the same time, we will start selling used board games, which will appear on our website as well as the lautapelikirppis at a later date.

We do not take game-specific pictures of all games, generally we will be usíng stock photos. Photographing each game separately would increase the work to such an extent that recycling the games would no longer be profitable for us. Thank you for your understanding. 

Do eco-work with the Poromagia and pass the games around!