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We are seeking sponsorship for Poro Tour, the largest Magic: the Gathering tournament series of Finland.

Poro Tour Tournament Series

Since its inception in 2013, Poro Tour consistently attracts around 300 unique players to compete in the four main events and several smaller Poro Tour Grand Prix events. The season concludes in December with the Poro Tour Invitational, where the 16 best players of the Poro Tour season compete for the championship title.

You can find additional info about upcoming events, as well as coverage of former tournament seasons here: www.porotour.com

(Note: we are currently in the process of translating this site into English.)

If you are interested in a sponsorship in any capacity, please reach out to our marketing team by email: marketing@poromagia.com

Together, we can develop a sponsorship arrangement that benefits both of us and favourably endorses your product or service within the Magic: The Gathering community here in Finland!