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Poro Club is our reward program for our loyal customers. Your monthly orders will give you bonus credits which will be calculated at the end of each month (see the picture below). You only need to register an account and you're automatically in the Club!

The credits are added on the 10th of next month and you can use the credits freely to buy products online, participate in our events at our store or save them up for Christmas for example! Discount items, credit payments, tournament fees and COD & postage payments do not count towards the required amount to get bonuses. Below is a picture showing the different tiers (Kuukauden ostokset = Monthly purchases).

For example you buy one booster display for 99€ in this month which means you'll be eligible for the first tier bonus (2%). Next month your user account would receive 2%*99€ = 1,98€ worth of credits!

Bonuses are paid on the 10th of each month.