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Can I order products that do not appear in the online store or ask for them?

We strive for the widest range of products and stock up on the most popular board games and card game and miniature products. Although there is no product in the online store, it may still be available through our suppliers. If you would like to order a more special product or want to add it to our range, you can email us at info@poromagia.com.

Do you have a loyalty program? What is a Poro Club?

The Poro Club is one of our ways to reward our loyal customers. Online purchases accrue bonus credits to our customer accounts, which they can use to their liking. Orders made to be picked up from the store will also accumulate porcelain bonuses. However, Kredubonars are not distributed for discount products, postage, or credit purchases. More about Poroclub: poromagia.com/poroclub

What are credits?

Store credits is the currency in the Poromagia online store and shop. One credit equals one euro in our shop and can pay for any products and almost all tournament entry fees. You can get store credits by selling our Magic: the Gathering cards (poromagia.com/credit) or by winning them at our tournaments (poromagia.com/events).

How does crediting work? Do you also buy cards with money?

Crediting, that is, converting cards into credit currency, is mainly through our Credit Website poromagia.com/credit. If you have more special cards, you want to sell a larger collection and want to bid on credits and cash or your cards are not available on the Credit page, please contact us at osto@poromagia.com.

Can I order products to be picked up at the store?

Yes you can! All you need is a username on our webshop. When making your order, please remember to choose "pick-up" as your shipping method so that your order is not placed in the mail! In most cases, pickup orders are ready to be picked up the next day. If you happen to be in the past, you may have to wait a moment for the order to be collected.

Can I pay by invoice / installment?

You can pay with invoice and installment. Select the Paytrail payment method and from the Paytrail payment method menu select Collector.

Billing and credit decision is handled by Collector Bank (https://www.collector.fi/) Collector Invoice is only applicable for orders over 20€ within Finland.

Collector Bank sends the invoice by post on the first banking day after the purchase transaction and the invoice is due 45 days after the purchase. An invoice fee of EUR 2.95 will be added to the invoice, but no interest will be charged on the period between the date of purchase and the due date of the invoice.

Once you receive the invoice, you can choose to pay the total amount listed on the invoice at once or up to a maximum of 36 months (at least 10 euros per month) by signing a credit agreement with Collector Bank. In order to pay the invoice in installments, you must pay the minimum amount indicated in the invoice or a higher proportion of the total amount and send the signed credit agreement to Collector Bank by the due date of the invoice.

An account management fee of EUR 3.80 per month and a monthly interest rate of 1.6% are added to each invoice, corresponding to 19.20% of the nominal annual interest rate.

Credit example, Part payment: € 1,000 and 12-month credit

Account management fee of € 3.80 per month, minimum monthly payment of € 85 - € 99, ​​actual annual interest rate under Consumer Protection Act 21%, credit cost € 104 and actual order amount € 1104

All in all, instructions for consumers can be found here:


Do you take trainees?

There is always a need for extra pairs of hands every now and then! We strive to provide enthusiastic assistants with work tasks such as shop maintenance, card sorting and product placement. If you are interested in an internship or a school TET, please contact info@poromagia.com.

Are all e-commerce products available in the store?

Well yeah! Our online shop works in the same room with the store, so all the products on the web can also be found in the store. Sometimes, however, inventory errors occur, so if you want to be sure the product is found, please call us at 050 355 2252 in advance.

Are the prices online the same as in the store?


How long does it take to get more out of stock?

We order supplements in monthly cycles and possibly more often. The product packing period is about 2-4 weeks. However, we cannot guarantee delivery times for cards, because their availability is card and situational.

Do you take part in it and will the event take place at Poromagia?

Poromagia reindeers are herd animals and hold games and hobbies. Every year, we participate in a large number of events or cones about Finland's role playing and anime. Our standard tour includes, for example, Desuco, Desucon Frostbite, Ropecon, Animeco and Tracon. We often bring various gaming products for sale, bring demonstration games, and bring on-demand online store orders from customers.

In addition to the above, we also visit other events, which we always report in good time on our website's news stream and on our Facebook channel.

If you would like to suggest a fun event for reindeer or an event organizer, please contact marketing@poromagia.com.

I ordered products as a package / cash on delivery, how do I get my shipping ID?

You will receive an email when your order leaves our warehouse and your tracking ID appears on the order. In addition, we have a system that uses a text message to notify the cell phone when the order can be retrieved from the mail.

What does the condition of the cards mean?

Near Mint (NM/M)

Condition almost perfect. Possible damage can only be detected by careful examination.

Excellent (EX)

The card is slightly worn (most commonly from the edges), but the surface of the card is otherwise intact.

Good (GD)

The card is slightly worn at the edges and surface.

Light Played (LP)

The card has suffered clear damage, such as deep scratching, moisture damage, or folds.

Played (PL)

The card has suffered obvious damage such as abrasion and scratches or tampering. Despite the damage, the card is eligible for tournament play.

Poor / Damaged (DMG)

The card has suffered obvious damage. For example, deep scratches, moisture damage, or creases. The card is not eligible for tournament play.

You can find sample images of all conditions from our crediting instructions info page.

What is a Stamp? Why did I have a stamp on my card?

This card is then played in a tournament where all players use the cards obtained during the tournament. Cards are marked with a stamp so that players cannot bring their own cards and cheat in the tournament. There are many different stamps and their location on the card varies, but they do not interfere with playing cards.

What do the "Asian" and "European" languages ​​mean?

It means that the text of the card is written in Chinese, Japanese or other Asian language. European means that the card speaks French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian. The name of the card is followed by a separate picture of the flag if the card has a particular language.

What kind of retro products are there? Do they have a return policy?

All Poromagia Sold Retrocons, devices and games have been tested before being added to the sale. The Poromagia Retrosplexist goes through all the articles on sale when they arrive in our warehouse and we try to keep only the products in the selection. However, packages, labels, and manuals for consoles, games, and accessories may be in a different state of aging, as reported in municipal photography. In addition, the product information includes a reference to the area code of the game and whether it is a Loose game or whether it contains the Original Package and / or Manual.

We offer a month-long warranty for the retro products from the date stated on the receipt or order confirmation. The warranty does not apply to used guides or self-ignited defects. It is advisable to clean the cassette games at home before putting them into use, for which we recommend a dipper and a 100% volatile cleaner such as a flat-screen cleaner or disinfectant. Good Finnish instructions can be found at http://www.retropelihuolto.com!

Poromagia good mind cookies

Welcome to play and enjoy. To ensure a fun gaming experience for everyone, we've created a few guidelines:

  1. Take the others into consideration. Don't criticize your gamers. Everyone has the same right to enjoy the game, regardless of gender, age or other external circumstances.
  2. Don't curse or shout. Even the smallest of the family sitting in the game mode should be happy to have fun. Everyone has a good mind while staying alive and low-noise!
  3. When a loss occurs, it can be ripped and away from the layer. However, do not give it to your gaming partners / opponents! So don't behave aggressively, subdue them or criticize their game choices. Instead, chill out elsewhere, calm down and turn your mind towards future victories!
  4. Take into account the opening hours of the movement. Games should be stopped 10 minutes before closing the shop. This way the Reindeer will be able to collect the forces in time for the next day!
  5. Take care of your own hygiene. This keeps the air in the game space fresh and comfortable in the game mode!
  6. Clean your own traces: take the trash to the trash, and toss the cans for recovery. It is nice to come to the clean table, and without the mess, the games can start on time.
  7. Don't sell your cards or games to customers while you are in the shop. Changing cards is allowed and desirable!
  8. If you notice any annoying activity or need help, all Reindeer will be happy to help you.

Thank you for your attention!