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Shipping to United States starts from None for letters and € 27.95 for parcels.

Rising shipping crisis

Why are the products late, where have all the containers gone, and what is all this about? In short, the closure of the ports triggered a chain reaction, the tail of which is now being addressed. Goods must be stored before deliveries almost every step of the way, and transport prices have increase tenfold. Tentatively, it looks like there will be some relief in the spring, but no one dares promise this for sure. Here is a good article about the point of view of making board games and here is a bit about the increase in transport prices.

Why not get yourself the ultimate board game collection

If you ever felt like the cabinets were bursting out of board games, now you can pull it to the top gear; Asmodee as a whole is for sale! With a two billion dollars, you can own so much cardboard (something else might be part of the deal too) that a you surely don't know what you'd do with. However, there is no forced sale happening, although the investment company that owns Asmodee has asked for outside help in finding the buyer. Check out your future gaming store here.

So much to preorder this month!




Next time we should have something to say about Essen also, have some great gaming moment till then!

Poromagia's board game crew