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Play games and save the world!

Thinking about your own consumption habits is certainly a familiar activity for everyone. Pollution from aircrafts has long been public knowledge for most of the people. But did you know that video streaming produces almost double the co2 compared to all air traffic? From television to computers, everything is powered by electricity. Electricity that needs to be produced continuously, otherwise the latest Shut Up & Sit Down won't be drawn on to your retinas.

Board gaming as entertainment is more sustainable and low-emission fun. Of course, it is possible to calculate how much emissions are generated when the game is produced and, of course, transported to you. But I guess from the very first play of that game, the calculation starts to tick downwards. So replace your screen time with board games, sometimes pick up used games and put your own less beloved individuals in circulation, give individuals already on the shelf a chance before getting new crushes. Playing can really save the world!

Text inspired by the topic can be found in the link.

The Emperor's new clothes... again

Z-Man Games is renewing its old classic once again. This time let's put the box and card size in to a new look. They are going back to the old, first edition size, with the new Revised Edition. Now this tighter game is once again traveling along, enabling a backstabbing party among friends wherever you are.

Players who enjoy bigger cards also get their own version. In addition to the size of the cards, the box and some components remain in the current, enlarged size. In the online store, the game can be identified by the Deluxe word after the name.

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Some entertainment to your nights




Cool end of the month to all our friends!

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