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Spiel des Jahres and Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021 winners announced announced

The winner of the 2021 Spiel des Jahres is MicroMacro: Crime City!

A giant crime solving picture puzzle, that can accommodate virtually any number of players, let's you think as much as search. An excellent choice, although the hardcore themes of the cases are perhaps too much for the youngest in the family. The funny cartoon map contains sixteen cases of different levels of difficulty. It's hard not to compare the game to the old Where's Waldo?-books, fortunately finding characters is just one part of the game; solving the case also requires fair amount of deduction.

The prize has often been awarded to a game that is easily approachable but still offers something new on the table. Zombie Teenz Evolution and The Adventures of Robin Hood did not offer such an experience, and fell a distance from winning. 

The Winner of the Kennerspiel des Jahres, which is more intent on the taste of the game for enthusiasts, was also announced. The prize was won by Paleo, who focuses on the survival of the Stone Age!

As players try to make do in this challenging world, cooperation is often the key to success. The panel has certainly been charmed by the options, and the conversation-inducing moments that arise when players try to decide the best way to play their cards. Paleo has definitely earned it's place, although this year's race did included the excellentLost Ruins of Arnak and Fantasy Realms, of which we think Lost Ruins of Arnak in particular could also have earned the victory. 

The Kinderspiel des Jahres victory was already won earlier this year by the excellent Dragomino, leaving storytailors and Mia London at his feet.

Asmodee in the fight against piracy

The past year has increased the number of board game enthusiasts by a lot. As the number of enthusiasts has increased, demand for board games has exploded. This has therefore significantly increased the number of counterfeit products in Europe as well. Even though you are not running into problems with gaming stores, websites that offer a platform for sellers have found that not everyone plays fair.

Now, like buccaneers, Asmodee has drawn a flag, and is sailing with the Amazon to fight these wretched pirates. The first shot has also been given: targeting Crazy Leaf and Gig Trading Inc., companies that allegedly manufactured and sold counterfeit Dixit add-ons. Last year, board game giant Asmodee acquired Dixit's rights from publisher Libellud, which has been struggling with counterfeit products in the game for some time.

This is a good start for businesses, even though real power rests in the hands of consumers.

Read more about this in a press release.


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