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 Seikkailu! Adventure!

We're opening a board game webstore!

We have some exciting stuff going on! We're moving our board game department over to a brand new website! With this change, we hope to achieve a faster and better shopping experience for everyone. The new site is just a step in Poromagia’s journey towards world domination - we have some exciting stuff in the works! But one thing at a time. 

The new site for board games

In the future, you'll find our board games at We promise to inform you the second we get the site up and running! We also completely understand if you decide to spend your evenings refreshing the site, but we take no responsibility for any possible finger pain or lack of sleep. According to our current schedule, the website will be up and running at the end of March.

Thanks to the new site, we have the opportunity to give our board games a lot more space and we hope that this leads to a better shopping experience overall. We also hope that you'll find it easier to find good games in the future, and find recommendations that work for you. Browsing will be a lot simplified, since the new site will only contain board games and their accessories.

Oh no - a new site a new username that I have to remember :( not to worry!

You don't have to create any new usernames or passwords for this site - the profiles and the credit system will remain untouched. You also gain bonus points from the new site as a part of our Poroclub benefits. If you, for example, buy 25€ worth of singles at and 25€ worth of board games in a month, you are entitled to a first tier (50€) monthly bonus.

The shopping basket itself will be on its own site, meaning that you can't combine board game shopping and card shopping - because the actual purchase is happening on two separate sites. This is only because the actual board games will be stored in a separate warehouse in the future. 

All products from will be shipped from an outsourced warehouse - which means shopping from the webstore just got a whole lot faster! In practice, the new site will have board games and their accessories. However, there will also remain a selection of board games in our store in Pasila (more on that below).

Outsourced warehouse

The outsourced warehouse enables us to ship products to you faster and smoother than before. According to the current schedule, the shift in warehouses will be occurring at the end of March. 

From a practical standpoint, this change means that orders made before 14:00 (EET) on weekdays will be shipped during the same day, as opposed to the 7:00 (EET) cut off that's currently in place. This also means that large volume shipping will not cause problems for us in the future, whereas in the past our whole shipping system could become a little bit overwhelmed at peak shopping seasons or on new releases. Fortunately, the new warehouse has the capacity to handle orders of a much larger scale.

Our store in Pasila & in-store pickups

In the future, we’re still going to have a wide selection of board games and LCG products in our store. The availability of these products will be visible on the product site – however, in-store products cannot be reserved for pickup, as they’re strictly intended for those shopping at the store. Magic the Gathering and Pokémon singles, as well as other collectible card games will stay in Pasila and can be ordered at

As per usual, you can pick up orders at our store in Pasila free of charge. However, since the warehouse is outsourced you cannot pick up an order before you've received the email that the order is ready for pick up. But no worries - the outsourced warehouse is not far away from our store, so you won't have to wait several days for your package 

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about these changes! If you have any complaints, ideas or cute cat pictures, you can always reach out to us at

There's a few more cool changes coming up - so keep your eyes peeled!

The new stuff in a nutshell

  • You'll receive your orders faster  - orders made before 14:00 on weekdays will be shipped the same day 
  • You'll find your games easier - thanks to the new site we can bring out our board game selection like never before 
  • No more waiting - thanks to the outsourced warehouse, we can handle even huge amounts of orders and you don't have to wait long for your package - even during Christmastime or Black Friday!
  • In-store pickups are still free - you can pick up your orders from our store as soon as you've received the email that your order is ready for pick up 
  • The new site will be dedicated to board games - that means all future development and features can be made with board games in mind 
  • Our customer service will be improved - our web store and our store in Pasila will have different inventories, and in-store products can only be bought in the physical store. This way you can trust that products that are indicated on our website as “available in store” are actually available for purchase

PS. Our warehouse is unfortunately soooo full and moving all this stuff to a new location is going to be a real hassle. We're very sad to inform you that we have to have a huge sale to get rid of some stuff - so stay tuned!