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Oh yeah- it's Monday again!

Last week we declared ourselves a proper news agency, and started producing weekly board game news. If you somehow missed that, you can find last weeks news here.

The Red Rising bookseries inspired a board game!

Last week, Stonemaier Games announced their latest game, Red Rising - based on the book series with the same name. Stonemaier Games has delivered some true gems to our gaming tables in the last years, such as WingspanScythe and Tapestry, so naturally, we're very excited about Red Rising. As anticipated, Red Rising climbed straight to the top of Boardgamegeeks Hotness-list. We recommend that you keep an eye out for this one! Please remember to add Red Rising to your wishlist, so that we can anticipate the demand. As soon as the game has a estimated arrival time, you can preorder it from us!

Donations based on Red Rising product alerts

In the world of Red Rising, people are divided in to different color-coded castes. The novel works as a cautionary tale against prejudice, and therefore Stonemaier Games decided to donate $1 per launch notification to charity. Naturally, we decided to follow this great example set by Stonemaier Games. So: For every product alert for Red Rising made before 16.2, we donate 1 euro to The Finnish League for Human Rights. So, for today's good deed, why don't you go and turn on the product alert for Red Rising?

The webshop has a new category: Solo games!

We gathered all our solo games under one convenient category. This way, you can find our solo games easily - for example, did you know that Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion works splendidly as a solo game?

Check out all our solo games:

If you're an avid solo player, you might want to check out this Facebook group dedicated to solo playing (in Finnish):



These just in - grab yours now!

All new board games:



All preorders:

Play digitally with Humblebundle 

We're continuing last weeks online-playing theme: Why not try out playing online with friends? Thanks to Humblebundle and Asmodee Digital,it's now even easier - and cheaper - to play online. Pandemiciaick up the Humble Asmodee Digital Tabletop 2gether Bundle today (or sometime in the next 10 days), and start playing with your friends!

Kickstarter of the week - Bucket of Bolts

As we all know, every good sci-fi adventure needs a crappy, barely-functioning spaceship for our heroes to travel with. In Bucket of Bolts (yes, named after the iconic scene), you get to build your own spaceship - and follow its adventures through time and space! The game has a unique quirk - you play as the spaceship itself, not as the heroes onboard it.

Bucket of Bolts Kickstarter

We hope you have a top-notch week, filled with great games!

Poromagia's Board Game Crew