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snes sale

Console Campaign - Retromagia's massive game sale will start at 00:01 on Friday the 1st, and last until Sunday, March 31! 

For each week of March, we chose a featured console (...or sometimes even consoles!). During that week, there will be a bunch of amazing offers for the featured console!

New discounts will be revealed at 00:01 on Mondays and last for the rest of the week!
First week was all about Nintendo 8-bit! Next up in the list is Super Nintendo!


We lowered prices on a bunch of our SNES games! Check out all the lowered prices from the chart below. 

NameOld priceNew priceInfoConsole
ActRaiser134.95114.95PAL SCN CiB AvgSNES-pelit
ActRaiser 249.9539.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Ardy Lightfoot34.9531.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Asterix19.9516.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Blackhawk89.9574.95PAL CiB NonEng OKSNES-pelit
Bram Stoker's Dracula89.9564.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Cannon Fodder54.9549.95PAL Boxed OKSNES-pelit
Darius Twin129.95119.95PAL SCN Boxed OKSNES-pelit
Drakkhen34.9529.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
EarthWorm Jim34.9531.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
EMPTY BOX - Kirby's Dream Course (manual + box only, no game!)39.9529.95Loose OKSNES
Final Fight 3139.95129.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja39.9534.95PAL SCN Loose OKSNES-pelit
Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja34.9531.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Kirby's Fun Pak (Manual)19.9515.95German OKSNES-manuaalit
Lock On34.9529.95NTSC CiB ExcellentSNES-pelit
Looney Tunes Road Runner (Yapon)89.9569.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Mega Man 7209.95169.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Mega Man 7 (Manual)99.9589.95PAL ManualSNES-manuaalit
Mega Man 7 (Repro Cover, Original Game & Manual)299.95259.95PAL Game+Manual OKSNES-pelit
Mega Man X2279.95229.96PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Mega Man X2 (Manual)99.9589.95PAL Manual AvgSNES-manuaalit
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie34.9529.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
NHL 9534.9529.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Pro Action Replay MK234.9529.95PAL Loose OKSNES-konsolit ja -tarvikkeet
Rock N' Roll Racing49.9539.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Rock N' Roll Racing59.9549.95PAL SCN Loose OKSNES-pelit
Secret of Evermore54.9549.95NTSC Loose OKSNES-pelit
Secret of Evermore74.9559.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Secret of Mana69.9559.95NTSC Loose OKSNES-pelit
Secret of Mana44.9539.95PAL Loose German OKSNES-pelit
Secret of Mana89.9579.95PAL Loose SCN OKSNES-pelit
Secret of Mana159.95139.95PAL CiB AverageSNES-pelit
Secret of Mana149.95139.95NTSC CiB OkSNES-pelit
Secret Of Mana149.95139.95PAL CiB OK No MapSNES-pelit
Space Ace59.9549.95PAL Boxed AverageSNES-pelit
Sparkster59.9549.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety129.95119.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Street Racer39.9534.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Super Adventure Island54.9549.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Super Castlevania IV64.9557.95PAL SCN Loose AvgSNES-pelit
Super Castlevania IV129.95114.95PAL Non-Eng CiB OKSNES-pelit
Super Mario All-Stars (Super Famicom)39.9529.95NTSC-J Boxed OKSNES-pelit
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island79.9569.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Super Metroid (Manual)21.9516.95NTSC Loose OKSNES-manuaalit
Super Ninja Boy39.9534.95NTSC Loose OKSNES-pelit
Super Pang44.9539.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Super Smash TV34.9526.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Super Smash TV39.9529.95PAL SCN Loose OKSNES-pelit
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi44.9539.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back54.9539.95NTSC CiB OkSNES-pelit
Super Turrican219.95189.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Super Turrican 2109.9589.95PAL Loose AvgSNES-pelit
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (Manual)49.9539.95German OKSNES-manuaalit
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Tournament Fighters69.9559.95NTSC Boxed OKSNES-pelit
Terranigma249.95229.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Tetris Attack39.9534.95PAL CiB NonENG OKSNES-pelit
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt39.9534.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
The Itchy & Scratchy Game39.9536.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
The Smurfs Travel The World39.9534.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Virtual Bart37.9534.95PAL Loose OKSNES-pelit
Warpspeed34.9529.95NTSC CiB Near MintSNES-pelit
Yogi Bear's Cartoon Capers39.9534.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Yoshi's Safari69.9554.95PAL CiB OKSNES-pelit
Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (Manual)49.9539.95Loose OKSNES-manuaalit
Warpspeed34.9529.95NTSC CiB Near MintSNES-pelit

Stay tuned, because it's GAME ON!