Unfortunately we have no shipping options for United States.

Our site will be down for a bit before the Black Friday rush.

You're probably wondering why now rather than earlier and rightfully so. Well we've been struck with bad draws for the past couple of weeks when we've been working to move the site to a server with better scalability and now finally everything is in order. We figured it would be better to cause a small inconvenience before Black Friday to ensure that the site works faster than let the old server buckle under the pressure. 

So please finish your order before 20:45 (EET) when we shut down the old server. The new site should be up in 15-30min. Catch you on the flip side!

NOTICE! Registered users who have opted-in to receive marketing emails will receive special codes at 21:45 before Black Friday that will let you get a couple hours’ head start on Black Friday offers! Codes are valid between 22:00 - 23:59 (EET). After midnight at 00:01 offers will be available for everyone.