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Gray Weekend Poromagia

Since it is getting darker by the hour and so that you can get a jump start on your Black Friday shopping, we're having a Gray Weekend sale!

Over the weekend starting on Friday November 11, we’ll have plenty of offers!

In addition to the Gray Weekend offers we are sending our registered customers special codes and offers before Black Friday, so if you haven’t registered to receive our marketing emails yet and want to be in on the offers, you can opt-in here: (https://poromagia.com/en/accounts/profile/edit/)!

And wait, there’s more! 

Registered users who have opted-in to receive marketing emails will receive special links before Black Friday that will let you get a couple hours’ head start on Black Friday offers!



  • 16.-18.11.: Gray Weekend, with offers available for everyone, both online and in-store
  • 19.-23.11: For registered users who have accepted marketing emails (https://poromagia.com/en/accounts/profile/edit/), we’ll have even more special offers and a head start for Black Friday
  • 23.-25.11. Black Friday weekend, with offers available for everyone
  • 26.11. Cyber Monday, with even more special offers on our website!