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Invoice payment available for consumers in Finland!


  • Credit limit: up to 5000€
  • Minimum age: 18 yrs.
  • Only available for orders within Finland
  • For orders 20€ and up
  • 2,95€ Fee will be added to the order total (shows up on the invoice, but not on the order confirmation)

 The payment due date is the last day of the following month from order date. This means the invoice is interest free between 30 to 60 days depending on the date of the order.

If you choose to pay the invoice in multiple installments:

  • You can choose top pay in up to 36 monthly installments but the installments must be at least 20€ each
  • Interest rate of 1.6% per month, which corresponds to 19.20% nominal annual interest rate.
  • 2,95€ account management fee added to each month’s bill.
  • Late payments and unpaid bills will be charged a reminder fee of 5€ and 1.6% monthly interest during the delay.