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    Pokémon Christmas gift list


    Are Pokémon-related Christmas gifts causing you gray hairs? We want to help you with your Christmas gift shopping, and we offer a wide selection of Pokémon themed gifts for everyone! Check out our complete Pokémon gift list and save any … Read more...

    Black Friday MTG Promo Pack Campaign 27.11. - 29.11.


    Black Friday introduces a brand new Zendikar Rising Promo pack campaign! By purchasing normal-priced or discounted MTG singles or products (minimum € 50), you will receive Zendikar Rising Promo Pack containing some Magic delicacies. The campaign is valid on Friday … Read more...

    Uusia figutarvikkeita: Scale75, Abteilung 502, AMMO by Mig Jimenez


    Pikakatsaus kesän ja syksyn aikana meille rantautuneisiin figuaiheisiin tuoteperheisiin!Myymäläosastomme ja nettikauppamme viimeisimpiin uutuuksiin kuuluvat muiden muassa Scale75:n kehutut maalit, joiden metallisävyt moni lukee maailman parhaimmistoon. Erityisen mattapintaisiksi kuivuia maaleja on seteittäin eri teemoilla moneen tarpeeseen. Armeijan beissausta suunnittelevalle inspiraatiota voivat … Read more...

    Singles' Day Poromagialla - Pokemonia ja MTG:tä -11% alennuksessa!


    Tänään vietetään Singles' Dayta! Asetimme -11% alennukseen yli 500 MTG-irtokorttia ja satakunta Pokémonia. Mukana on mm. yli 10 Charizardia ja muita herkkuja. Käy nappaamassa mieluisat kortit keskiviikon ja torstain väliseen yöhön klo 00:00 mennessä, jolloin suuri Singles' Day -alennuskampanja loppuu! … Read more...

    Commander Legendsin Play at Home Prereleaset ja Promot


      Commander Legendsin julkaisu siintää kahden viikon päässä 20.11. Koronatilanteesta johtuen varsinaisia prereleaseja ei pystytä järjestämään, mutta kotiprelluja pääsee silti pelaamaan. Tähän artikkeliin on koostettu kaikki tarvittava tieto Commander Legendsin Play at Home Prereleaseista sekä Participation ja Buy-a-Box Promoista.  Käy lukemassa … Read more...

    Poroscope: Commander Legends incoming!


    The spoiler season for Commander Legends is not yet finished and the set seems to be pretty decent already at this point! In addition to well awaited reprints like Scroll Rack, Rings of Brightearth and Mana Drain the set introduces … Read more...

    7 Wonders: Does Wonders at Game Parties


    I’ve played countless hours of Monopoly at my family gatherings, and I was looking for a game to counter it. Despite how fun Monopoly can actually be when you play it with your grandma, it has a few significant flaws. … Read more...

    Flesh and Blood - Upouusi keräilykorttipeli!


    Flesh and Blood on Uudesta-Seelannista pian Eurooppaan rantautuva uusi keräilykorttipeli, joka sijoittuu Rathen sankareita vilisevään maailmaan. Useimmista muista TCG:istä poiketen kukin pakka rakennetaan yhden voimakkaan sankarin ympärille. Sankareita (hero) on useasta eri luokasta (class), ja heillä on kullakin omat erikoiskykynsä. … Read more...

    Poroscope: Jumpstart!


    Jumpstart has been postponed already multiple times but finally the booster battle arrives in Europe! The spoilers have been out for some time now. Let’s have a look at what this particularly special booster product has to offer for Commander-players! … Read more...

    MTG Arena SM-kisojen palkintojakauma


    MTG Arenan SM-kilpailujen palkintojakauma (luvut krediittejä):   1. 300 pKr + booster display box + "swagbag" + matkakulut* 2. 200 pKr + booster display box + "swagbag" + matkakulut* 3. -4. 150 pKr 5. -8. 100 pKr 9. -12. 50 pKr … Read more...


    Inside the box - board game news


    Monopoly on the free market Hasbro could not get its application for a trademark of the Monopoly game through the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The application included all possible licenses, from video games to walkie-talkies, submarines to satellites. In … Read more...

    Inside the box - board game news


    Time for a full on adventure. Fantasy Flight Games has decided to enter a new era with the release of the new Arkham Horror LCG adventure. The Edge of Earth campaign, which will be available this winter, includes the whole … Read more...

    Inside the box - board game news


    Teatime with rats for a better tomorrow! Roll-and-Write has been on the rise for years as a easy-to-approach entertainment, which can often be played remotely over Zoom or Teams. Now everyones faverite board gaming site; Shut up & Sit down, … Read more...

    Hot Board Game Summer Sale!


    The Finnish summer might not be the hottest season there is, but our board game sale sure is! Don't miss out on these great offers and get : Offers are valid to the end of 13.6. X-WING PRODUCTS -20% BOARD … Read more...

    Inside the box - weekly board game news


    Hi there friend! Pöydällä-digital is almost here! On Saturday 22th of May, we get to once again enjoy some cosy convention-vibes in the form of Finland's first digital board game convention! The day starts off with a small chat about … Read more...

    Our store in Pasila is closed on Ascension Day


    Hi there,   Remember that Thursday 13.5. is a holiday, and therefore our store is closed. On Friday we're open as usual - welcome!  Read more...

    Poromagia's store credit list for Flesh and Blood TCG!


    Flesh and Blood TCG has taken the trading card scene by storm! We here at Poromagia are rapidly expanding our Flesh and Blood product selection by listing FAB singles at our site! Getting the listing up takes a little while, … Read more...

    Games Workshop's warehouse inventory


    Games Workshop's central warehouse is going through an inventory check and is temporarily closed between 28.4. and 10.5. This naturally affects our delivery times and any customer orders with products that we need to order first from the manufacturer will … Read more...

    Inside the box - weekly board game news


    Hi there! This week's news is fresh off the press! Around six hours ago, this year's Golden Geek-winners were announced. The winning lineup featured some really cool games (such as Dune: Imperium), but there was no landslide victory to be … Read more...

    Delays in orders 26.4.2021 - 2.5.2021


    The biggest moving hassle is finally over, and the ordering system is back to normal! However, we’re currently experiencing delays in processing orders, which means you’ll receive your orders a bit delayed. This should be fixed by next week!  You’ll … Read more...