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    Added value to gaming


    Games are quite valuable investments in free time. Valuable financially, and, of course, valuable experiences. For many games, it's better not to start talking about entertainment value, i.e. the price you have to pay for your entertainment per hour of … Read more...

    All about that Dune


    The announcement of the Dune film remake put publishers in a hurry. Based on Frank Herbert's great books, the film is expected to be one of the best this year. And as it happens, this is the reason why Dune … Read more...

    Red Rising review by Anna


    Red Rising - Easy to Teach, Difficult to Master Today we are back with one of this year's inventions - Red Rising by Stonemaier Games. Suppose you have been following the board game world. In that case, it won't be … Read more...

    Gloomhaven Jaws of The Lion Review by Anna


    I must confess to you. I bought Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion nearly a year ago, and it was all just sitting on my shelf up till the last few weeks. Here’s how it happened. If you’re following board game … Read more...

    Winota Familiar - deck tech


    When I first looked at the Strixhaven spoilers I have to admit I didn't pay much attention to Stonebinder's Familiar. I thought that the card needs too much work to be good in standard and there aren't enough synergistic cards … Read more...

    7 games to check out if you like 7 Wonders


    7 Wonders is an addictive and entertaining game that millions of people enjoy. It’s simple, strategic, and has the ancient-world-economy vibe that I totally adore. The combination of those three and the nearly limitless supply of expansions and side games … Read more...

    A Box full of Wood - Boulder Return to Earth


    In 2015, an estimated 20 percent of global plastic waste was recycled. At this rate recycling alone isn't enough to keep our environment clean in the future. We must find better materials and solutions to combat the current climate crisis.To … Read more...

    How to play with Pokémon-cards, part 2


    How to play with Pokémon cards - part 2 On February 27, 2021, we celebrate Pokémon's 25th anniversary! In honor of their birthday, we thought we'd reveal  a little more of the secrets of the Pokémon card game. Of course, … Read more...

    4 + 1 must-have board game expansions


    I'll let you in on a little secret: I own way too many board game expansions. I love a good board game expansion - and some expansions are simply just better than others. I happen to be one of those … Read more...

    Sell us your old Pokémon-cards!


    Sell us your Pokémon-cards! Did you suddenly find crazy amounts of Pokémon-cards hidden in the back of your closet? Don't recycle them just yet! These cute little cards can actually be worth quite a bit. And what's even better - … Read more...


    Inside the box - board game news


    Teatime with rats for a better tomorrow! Roll-and-Write has been on the rise for years as a easy-to-approach entertainment, which can often be played remotely over Zoom or Teams. Now everyones faverite board gaming site; Shut up & Sit down, … Read more...

    Hot Board Game Summer Sale!


    The Finnish summer might not be the hottest season there is, but our board game sale sure is! Don't miss out on these great offers and get : Offers are valid to the end of 13.6. X-WING PRODUCTS -20% BOARD … Read more...

    Inside the box - weekly board game news


    Hi there friend! Pöydällä-digital is almost here! On Saturday 22th of May, we get to once again enjoy some cosy convention-vibes in the form of Finland's first digital board game convention! The day starts off with a small chat about … Read more...

    Our store in Pasila is closed on Ascension Day


    Hi there,   Remember that Thursday 13.5. is a holiday, and therefore our store is closed. On Friday we're open as usual - welcome!  Read more...

    Poromagia's store credit list for Flesh and Blood TCG!


    Flesh and Blood TCG has taken the trading card scene by storm! We here at Poromagia are rapidly expanding our Flesh and Blood product selection by listing FAB singles at our site! Getting the listing up takes a little while, … Read more...

    Games Workshop's warehouse inventory


    Games Workshop's central warehouse is going through an inventory check and is temporarily closed between 28.4. and 10.5. This naturally affects our delivery times and any customer orders with products that we need to order first from the manufacturer will … Read more...

    Inside the box - weekly board game news


    Hi there! This week's news is fresh off the press! Around six hours ago, this year's Golden Geek-winners were announced. The winning lineup featured some really cool games (such as Dune: Imperium), but there was no landslide victory to be … Read more...

    Delays in orders 26.4.2021 - 2.5.2021


    The biggest moving hassle is finally over, and the ordering system is back to normal! However, we’re currently experiencing delays in processing orders, which means you’ll receive your orders a bit delayed. This should be fixed by next week!  You’ll … Read more...

    Outsourced warehouse for board games


      Faster shipping times are coming Although our warehouse crew is pure magic, our current order processing system unfortunately isn’t, and therefore delivery times have become unnecessarily long. Especially on release weekends, board game orders tend to get a little neglected. … Read more...

    Laatikon sisällä: Viikon lautapeliuutiset


    Uudet sivut lautapeleille ONLINE!Viime perjantaina otettiin uuden lautapelikaupan saralla ensimmäinen askel; avattiin lautapeleille oma verkkokauppa. nimellä näin alkuun startannut sivusto sisältää kaikki lautapelit ja niiden oheistuotteet. Valikoima laajenee jatkossa kattamaan laajemmin tuotteita, esimerkiksi eri valmistajien korttisuojia. Perjantaina koneiden ääressä … Read more...