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Celebrate Valentine's Day with your friend or significant other by playing these fabulous two-player games!

Here you can find our game recommendations for all player types. Horror, scifi, romance... you name it!

We wish everyone the most playful Valentine's Day! :)

5 results.
  1. 7 Wonders: Duel (FI/SE/NO/DK)

    Language: Suomi / Svenska / Norsk / Dansk
    Playing time: 30 min
    Suggested Age: 10+
    Number of players: 2


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  2. Arkham Horror The Card Game (LCG Core Set)

    Designer: Nate French
    Game: Arkham Horror LCG
    Hyllypaikka: FFG hylly
    Player Maximum: 2
    Player Minimum: 1
    Product: Starter Set
    Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
    Suggested Age: 14+


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  3. Fog of Love

    Language: English
    Playing time: 60-120 min
    Suggested Age: 18+
    Number of players: 2


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  4. KLASK

    Playing time: 10 min
    Suggested Age: 6+
    Number of players: 2


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